Big Data for Humans is transforming the way retail and travel businesses understand and sell to their customers.

Our first to market software as a service platform, The Customer Graph, is placing the power of data science and highly granular customer insights directly into the hands of in-house marketers.

"We were impressed by the potential of Big Data for Humans’ Customer Graph. Their cost effective and insightful approach to customer marketing made them the right partner for our customer marketing strategy."
Victor Paterno
President, Philippine Seven Corporation (7‑eleven)
"Customer insight is the holy grail for businesses like AirAsia and for too long it has been costly and slow to access. Big Data for Humans’ simple and innovative platform will transform the way we are able to action customer data."
Tony Fernandes
CEO/Founder, AirAsia Group
"Our ambition is to deliver much smarter, more targeted marketing activity for Topshop, Topman and Wallis, and Big Data for Humans’ solution facilitates that in a very retailer-friendly fashion."
Simon Pritchard
Group Digital Director
"Marketers need to have all the traditional skills of being creative and innovative but also need the modern skills of understanding data and interpreting it, Big Data for Humans helps us blend the two together."
Ed Duggan
CEO & Commercial Director at Fishpools Stores
"Big Data for Humans has delivered far more than I expected, and I expected a lot."
Marc Huber
Marketing & E‑Commerce Director, Jelmoli
"Big Data For Humans has helped us in understanding our customer behavior better and demonstrated how we can make best use of our loyalty data in the business going forward."
Farha Shaid
General Manager, The Melium Group
"We’ve identified that using data to become more targeted in our communications is a game changer in 2017 and we believe that Big Data For Humans is the perfect strategic partner."
Martin Francis
Chief Customer Officer, Woolovers

Rapidly Supercharge your Customer Marketing

Fast to deploy, easy to integrate with your existing systems and simple to use in a unified view, The Customer Graph™ is dramatically out-performing traditional approaches in time and cost, rapidly monetising data to deliver rapid results and an uplift in top customer spending by 15%.

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