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'They're only human' - Inside Retail HK

Hong Kong, June 2017 - Written by Robert Stockdill


The article appeared in the print version of Inside Retail HK Summer 2017 edition. Here's an extract of the article:

What happens when a group of retailers turn the tables on the tech guys making big data easy to understand and use it to boost sales? 

Big data has become one of the big buzzwords of retail in 2017. But many retailers remain confused by what it means and how to use it. 

Cue a team from Scotland who just three years ago founded a startup called Big Data For Humans. 

They weren't your typical team of 'tech guys' but a group of highly experienced retailers with decades of shop floor customer experience under their belts. Their mission: harness the power of big data to bring an unprecedented depth of insight into customers - not just as lines on a spreadsheet but as groups of 'humans' with unique tastes, needs and spending habits. 


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