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Customer Networks - An Introduction for C-Level and Marketing Executives

Traditional customer groupings like geography and status have been broken down: social networks span place, age, attitude, and class. Just as the social barriers have changed so too has the approach of targeting customers. The customer network recognizes that customers are no longer restricted by their demographics.

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How does your solution integrate with my current data warehouse and solutions like email?

The input and output formats for data are simple batched files which we pre-configure to work with any system. Our team get this all set up for you at the start.

How much work will this be for my IT team?

Not much at all and we have a team of experts on hand to make it easy. Once the set-up is done it is quick to repeat.

What kind of data can I use to profile customers?

We start with transactional data and can then add any other data as profiling attributes over time. This enriches the insight and enables customization for countless use cases.

Will the solution work across channels?

Yes - Our software consumes data from any channel and creates action plans for each channel.

What makes your software different?

Our software is the world’s first customer analytics engine that uses big data and customer networks but makes these things easy for anyone in the marketing team to use.

Why can’t I just get my data scientist to do this?

Theoretically you could, but you’d need a small army of them, and a bigger army of IT guys on the job full time.

How does this help with online personalization?

It enables personalization to be dramatically more effective, since customers can be incentivized with offers that reflect their requirements, life-stage and value.

How do I action the data?

Action plans are automated for each of your channels, like email, mobile push and POS vouchers, then target groups can be fired into your software ready for campaigns.

Does this work with my current BI tools?

Yes - output data is in standard open formats that can be consumed by any tool sets for “train of thought analysis”.

How will this impact the marketing department?

With more timely and actionable customer data, campaigns can be more powerful including incentives, products and promotions what make customers act.

How will this impact the work flow for data analysts?

By automating the key elements of transactional data science and customer profiling, data scientists are free from baby-sitting existing segment models with their IT teams. As a result they can conduct creative analysis that adds new value to the business.

How can data be the access point for our market?

The sales data for every business provides a competitive advantage. By understanding the way customers consume products and services, businesses are able to have a unique view of their customers at any point of time. Through the use of the data, businesses are able to see how their customers are changing and alter their marketing strategies to get results and increase revenue.

How can my data and Big Data for Humans help my business be more responsive?

In two key ways:
1. We place genuine customer centric data at the center of planning and reporting processes.
2. Our software is at least 10x faster than current technology, so your insights and actions are at the speed of customers and not the IT team.