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The Customer Graph is the world's first automated customer insights engine which uses networks to analyse customers.

It is empowering business teams around the world to start using powerful data science to increase revenue.

How does it work?

The Customer Graph™ is the world’s first automated customer insights engine which uses networks to analyse customers. It is empowering business teams around the world to start using powerful data science to increase revenue – quickly, easily and without the need for costly or complex data analytics and management projects with lengthy deployment times.

The Customer Graph™ brings the power of networks to automate customer analytics, business intelligence, and dynamic life-cycle and behavioural models, enabling users to easily understand, identify and sell to customers. Fast and frequently refreshed, this unique platform allows users to understand individual customers, create target clusters, find and prioritise opportunities and turn insights into smart customer marketing action that increases revenue.

Integrate data

Your business data is firstly prepared for data science.

Graph-based behavioural models compare customers and dynamic life cycle models are applied to identify the recency, frequency and monetary value of each customer, allowing users to identify and create communities for optimal personalisation and ROI.

Find True Opportunities

Today's retail businesses have more data than ever before at their disposal, but many fail to leverage it to deliver ROI at the speed of changing customer requirements.

Through its unique graphing process, The Customer Graph™ helps users find and prioritise powerful new Customer Communities, allowing your business to engage with and start selling to customers based on their unique life cycles, spending habits and needs.

Automate insights

Insights are delivered over seven standardised, interactive and configurable views.

Users are able to explore customer communities identified by the graphing process and understand who those customers are, what they spend, what they purchase and are likely to purchase, what life-cycle stages they are in; and how they index over any number of behavioural, demographic and RFM attributes. The Customer Graph also supports powerful customised business intelligent reports.

Identify opportunities

The Customer Graph™ creates target groups of customers directly from insights views.

Customer marketing opportunities can be identified across communities and can be prioritised by the type of opportunity, the number of impacted customers or the targeted revenue. This optimises the customer marketing plan and forecasts ROI and revenues.

Rapid marketing action

Campaigns are created across any combination of communities, lifecycle states, attributes or RFM variables.

As the target group is refined, it is automatically sized so users know it will support their objectives. Multi-channel personalised campaigns can be executed quickly and easily in any of your favoured customer marketing channels such as email, CRM, campaign management, social, mobile or IM and customer service.

Automate and drive cumulative ROI

When you are happy with the revenue contribution of campaigns, you can automate them so that target groups of customers are regularly refreshed and fired into your chosen execution channel.

You also have a full audit trail of campaign history. Automated customer marketing exploits sales opportunities and cuts effort and repetitive work, supporting personalization to scale, whatever the size of your marketing team.

Measure and attribute

Once live, The Customer Graph™ measures the results from single or multichannel campaigns in interactive business intelligence reports.

Each report identifies key revenue uplift metrics versus automatically sized and managed control groups, so that you can quantify the exact revenue contribution of each campaign and forecast responses.

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